1. #Fashion Lovers: Street #art in the Lower Easter Side - Starring Anna Wintour + @Karl Lagerfeld (at Kenmare Street)

  2. @Visually King is having a feast during @SXSW in Austin, Texas. #ContentIsKing (at Costco)

  3. "Creativity is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct." - Carl Gustav Jung (at Central Park)

  4. It’s Day.

    Here comes the IPO HIPPO!

    (Naming courtesy: )

  5. #OnlyinSF (at SF Party Store)

  6. Shanghai - busy as always… (at 豫园 | Yu Garden)


  7. The Brief History of the Success Loch Ness (SO FAR)!

    After the 5th anniversary of Shorty Awards, a couple of friends (old and new) @gregory @semel @yiyinglu @tomspano @scyshirley @theschlis were hanging at the @theponybar in NYC.

    @tomspano (Events Manager of @Twitter) asked me, ‘Since Twitter’s now became more and more stable, there’s less chance for folks to see your "Fail Whale" image. How about something opposite from the Fail Whale? - Success Whale?” Everyone goes “Nah, that doesn’t rhyme!” @semel then proposed: “How about the Success Loch Ness?!”

    And the rest is history:

    After and hour of the launch of the Success Lochness digitally, @jasoncseed and I visited @tomspanoand gave him physical art pieces of both the “Fail Whale” and “Success Loch Ness”:

    Twitter HQ’s open-source photo-tweeting birdhouse @Twisitor also captured the moment of the Success Loch Ness Debut at the @Twoffice:

    The Loch Ness Monster has supposedly been spotted on Google Earth - but what other strange theories and sightings surround Nessie?
    More about the Loch Ness Monster: the strangest theories and sightings…


    As it has been spotted recently by @semel

    Finally, a Vined Birth Certificate of the Success Loch Ness, with Music!

  8. leesemel:

    I now hold the record for the world’s largest animated GIF, as determined by the fine folks at RecordSetter.com.  I designed this GIF for the 5th Annual Shorty Awards, where this image was projected onto a 288-square foot screen.  The image features our new Shorty Whale mascot, animated in 8-bit style.  The whale’s design is courtesy of Yiying Lu, who also designed the original Twitter Fail Whale.  I believe this GIF also sets the record for the greatest number of whales with top hats in an animated GIF, but I’ll settle for just the one record for now.

    View the record on RecordSetter.com

    Congrats, Lee!

  10. Ciao for Now NYC! Fantastic to see you all again at @shortyawards! (at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK))

  11. Community recreation garden filled with stuffed animals and plastic flowers. #ONLYinNYC (at E 13 st. Ave B)

  12. After designing the artwork "Lifting a Dreamer" which later was adopted as the Twitter Fail Whale, I visited America in 2009 for the first time in my life to receive the inaugural Shorty Award in Design. There I met Aaron Taylor-Waldman, the designer of the Shorty Awards’ logo. I was stoked to learn from Aaron that the Shorty logo was actually inspired by my whale. Attending the Shorty Awards ultimately lead to many opportunities including a New York Times Magazine profile and being commishioned to create the Pale Whale for fellow Shorty winner Conan O’Brien. 

    Now, 5 years later, I decided to take a chance to make a new whale inspired by Aaron’s Shorty logo design - those 3 whale tails. I thought about revealing the face of the whales behind those tails, in cerebration for Shorty Awards’ 5th Anniversary as well as the growth of the Shorty whale family amongst social media families globally. I’m pleased to present the Fail Whale’s cousin who will make his first appearance at the Shorty Awards on April 8, 2013!

  13. Exploring with Water color & India Ink this time!  Farm Fun Art Series:  Featuring a Bunny, an Emu, a Rooster, a Pig, a Marabou, a Sheep, a Hen & a Fox!  

  14. Process of creating  ”In the Dreams” Art Series.

    Prints available: http://society6.com/yiyinglu

  15. Naive Series.

    Prints Available: